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Working In Visas is specialises in helping New Zealand employers with all employment related immigration.

With the largest changes in immigration in over 30 years, now is a challenging time for employers.

Since 1998 we have assisted employers with recruiting and retaining migrant staff.

Our nationwide team of Licensed Immigration Advisers is not only one of the largest and most experienced immigration teams, we have always been employer focused.

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The 3-Stage Gateway

Under the new policy, there are 3 stages to the work visa application process.

3 stage New Zealand employer accreditation system

Settlement information for employers hiring workers on AEWVs

We have been providing Settlement support to Kiwi businesses since 2015 and are here to help you through these new requirements. Below is a brief outline of your employer obligations from Immigration. New Zealand.

As an accredited employer you must provide information to help your workers on Accredited Employer Work Visas (AEWV) settle into their jobs and New Zealand.
The type of information you are required to provide must cover important aspects of living and working in New Zealand including how to:

• Find somewhere to live

• Access health care

• Locate public transport

• Get an IRD number


You must also include local services and community support groups that might be of benefit to new migrant employees.

In addition, you will need to provide employment-related information that will help new migrant employees understand their employment rights as well as any industry-specific hazards.

Employment New Zealand learning modules:
You must give your employees time to complete online modules, within one month of beginning their employment as an AEWV holder. The employee modules help migrants learn about their employee rights and avoid potential disagreements.

You must keep records of whether your migrant workers have completed the modules – Immigration New Zealand may ask to see them.

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Your questions answered

What is compulsory employer Accreditation? 

Immigration New Zealand is introducing a new category of work visa which will replace most of the current categories. The Accredited Employer Work Visa will come into effect on 4 July 2022.

Employer Accreditation for the new Accredited Employer Work Visa is an Immigration New Zealand process. By gaining Accreditation status, you meet the legal criteria to employ people that are on visas and, in the future, hire people from overseas. This criteria takes effect from 4 July 2022. Employers can start applying for accreditation from 23 May 2022.

If you are already a Talent Accredited employer, you are not exempt from the upcoming changes. The new Accreditation policy will still apply to you, regardless of having gained accreditation in the past. You will be required to resubmit and potentially supply new documents in order to qualify for the new Accreditation status.

Currently, the people who hold the visa are responsible for preparing and submitting their visa applications. Once changes take effect, you, the employer will be responsible for ensuring you meet the criteria to carry on employing people on visas and hiring migrant staff. If you are not Accredited with Immigration New Zealand, you will not be able to hire or retain on employer-supported visas from mid-2022.

This important change will affect most employers in New Zealand as we have 350,000 people on visas in New Zealand and they are employed up and down the country.

Wanting to retain staff on a visa or hire someone new that is on a visa? 

We know how important it is for you to have the people you need for your business, which is why we advise you to get ahead of these upcoming Immigration New Zealand changes and start preparing.

What if I am already Accredited or my Accreditation has expired? 

Regardless of whether you are an Accredited employer under the previous Talent policy, you would still be required to reapply for the new AEWV Accreditation if you are planning to support skilled workers on the new AEWV.

How do I become Accredited? 

Your business must apply to Immigration New Zealand to become an Accredited Employer. This is potentially a long process with very specific requirements.

There are a number of potential steps involved and documents to be submitted such as proof of compliance with employment and immigration law and being financially sound. In our experience, many employers are finding it takes a while to prepare for Accreditation.

We understand this may seem complex and daunting, however it is a pending reality. It is crucial to get organised now to avoid any potential risks around team member retention and hiring.

Get underway now and contact us today to assist with your accreditation application, to avoid risks or road blocks.

What is a Job Check? 

A Job Check application is the second stage of the 3-Gate system. Once you are accredited, you must apply for a Job Check for each role you want to hire a migrant worker for.

At this stage, the relevant labour market testing must be submitted. There are new requirements for the advertising that were not in the previous work visa policy.

A Job check once approved is valid for 6 months.

Already employ visa holders? 

You still need to get underway with Accreditation as you will not be able to support their visa renewal if you are not Accredited with Immigration New Zealand once the policy takes effect. Quite simply, they will no longer be able to work for you if they require a renewal and you are not an Accredited Employer.

Looking to hire someone new on a visa? 

Once the new policy comes into effect 4 July 2022, you will need to have gained Accreditation status and have approved Job Checks before you are able to hire and support migrant staff with a work visa. Immigration New Zealand anticipates that over 20,000 New Zealand businesses will fall within this category.

Let us help you get underway

We can help you get ahead of these changes and ensure you have the people you need to run your business.

Working In Visas have been helping New Zealand employers manage all aspects of the visa and immigration process, for over a decade. We have one of the largest corporate focused teams of Licensed Immigration Advisers in the country.

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“I strongly recommend MyVisaPath for anyone looking to move to New Zealand. We felt that we were in safe expert hands and that everyone involved was doing their best for us. We went on to trust Working In with our whole family visa application and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Everyone was very professional, courteous, patient and approachable. We had so many questions along the way and they supported us through every stage. And now here we are, thanks to the team, living our best life in our own version of paradise!”

Suzanne and Grant Staples – United States

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We offer employers:

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Once your applicant has accepted their offer with you, our team can manage their whole visa process from start to finish, including notifications of renewal and expiry.

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We offer a full review of your workforce against current legislation and requirements.

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