News: NZ Border Update February 2022

Updated: 7th June 2022

New Zealand’s international borders have been opening in stages from February 2022, and will continue opening up over the coming months. This is welcomed news to us at Working In as we prepare to welcome our much needed skilled migrants!

Who can travel to New Zealand now?
  • New Zealand citizens
  • New Zealand permanent resident or Resident Visa holders
  • Australian citizen or Permanent Resident Visa holders
  • Partner or dependent child of a New Zealand citizen or resident, holding visas based on relationship
  • Work Visa Holders who still meet the visa conditions (i.e. if it is based on a job, that job offer still stands)
  • Student Visa Holders who still meet the visa conditions
  • Critical Purpose Visa holders
  • Working Holiday Visa holders
  • Visitor Visa holders
  • Transit Visa holders
  • Work Visa holders
Offshore applicants – what applications are open to you?

The following applications are currently open:

  • Critical Purpose Visa under Border Exception (this is available until 31 July 2022)
  • Partnership and dependent child applications for partner and dependents of New Zealand citizens or residents
  • Working Holiday Visa applications – the Working Holiday scheme is opening up on a rolling basis
  • Visitor Visa for visa waiver countries
  • Work Visas including the new Accredited Employer Work Visa

31 July 2022 onwards:

  • Applications for visitor visa and student visas will open
  • Border Exception will phase out

For a list of Critical Purpose reasons to travel, Working Holiday Visa countries or Visa Waiver countries, contact our team.

If you would like clarity on your eligibility to move to New Zealand, and have not yet completed our free online appraisal, click below to take the first step and see if a life in New Zealand could be a possibility for you.