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New Zealand – the nation that millions of people dream of moving to. Its’ beautiful scenery, laid-back lifestyle and friendly communities lure thousands of people to move across the globe for the work life balance they desire.

We’ve been taking care of visas for ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’ for over a decade, it’s what we do best. Our expert team of Licensed Immigration Advisers handle all aspects of the visa and immigration process, offering world class advice.

We offer a full range of visa solutions for employers too – with a corporate team dedicated to supporting and serving kiwi business and de-risking the visa process.

We’ve also been helping people offshore and onshore for over a decade, helping employers secure and retain key staff and getting positive outcomes for almost 2000 people a year.

We make the immigration process simple, clear and efficient, removing any risk so employers can focus on running their business and you can focus on moving to your new country.

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Working In gives expert advice, is low risk, stress free, and has licensed immigration advisers
Get a working visa from Working In New Zealand


We are experts in the field of accreditation and can help you secure your migrant workforce. Learn more about accreditation requirements and key dates.

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Student visas in New Zealand by Working In NZ


Right now, residency in New Zealand is at a premium and time is at a premium. If you haven’t applied for your residency yet or you’re unsure about meeting criteria, contact us now for expert advice. Occupations that weren’t previously eligible for residency, now are.

We’ll assess whether you are eligible or if you need assistance with your application. Let us help you.

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Fulfil your dream of living in New Zealand with a working or study visa thanks to Working In


Family and Partner Visa criteria for New Zealand varies greatly depending on your situation. Our registered advisers can ensure the correct pathway to avoid unnecessary cost and time.

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Working In visas get you into New Zealand


If you are concerned about retaining your employees, contact us now.

With fast changing legislation, many employers are finding it difficult to obtain the correct and relevant advice. We can help.

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Study in New Zealand with a Working In study visa


We understand our students and we understand what it means to study and live to New Zealand. We can help you with course selection and your pathway to New Zealand.

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Working in New Zealand get an NZ work visa from Working In


Do you have a work visa that needs renewing? It’s important to act quickly. Even if your visa doesn’t expire for a while, you should act now before policy changes.

We process almost 2000 work visas a year for people offshore and onshore. We have a large team of experts set up to deal with issues quickly.

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