25 Nov, 2022

With summer on the way, many Kiwi businesses will soon be in their peak season and feeling staff shortage burnout.

In line with the Government’s August decision to extend visas for working holiday makers, Immigration New Zealand has announced an additional opportunity to support Kiwi businesses.  Those who have previously held a Working Holiday Visa for New Zealand may now return to New Zealand on this visa – bringing skills to the New Zealand economy over the next three months.

What is a Working Holiday Visa?

Each year, thousands of young people offshore apply for New Zealand Working Holiday Visas, and spend a year or two in New Zealand. Working Holiday Visa holders are able to accept non-permanent job offers and partake in a training courses up to 6 months.
For some countries additional employment conditions apply.

What does this latest update mean for Kiwi employers?

This latest update is a positive one for the New Zealand tourism, hospitality, agriculture and horticulture industries. Thousands of employers suffering from staff shortages will now be able to fill temporary roles without the delay of the main
Accredited Employer Work Visa.

Employing staff under Working Holiday Schemes

If you are a New Zealand employer looking to hire overseas staff on a Working Holiday Visa, you need to start the application process NOW as it could still take some time.

Looking to hire an onshore Working Holiday Visa holder? We will also be able to assist with the process.

Get in touch to discuss how Working Holiday Schemes could
help your business. As always our team are here to help you.