Staff on a Working holiday visa? You’ll need a plan

20 Sep, 2022


Additional Working Holiday Visa quotas have been announced, to attract more working holiday makers to New Zealand.

Do you currently employ staff on a Working Holiday visa?

It’s important to understand how long they can legally work for you on this particular visa and what you may need to do to retain them.

The New Zealand Government announced changes earlier this year to help increase access to Working holiday makers already in New Zealand, and those looking to travel to New Zealand.

This included extending visas for those already onshore with visas expiring between 26 August 2022 and 31 May 2023 by 6 months. Further, doubling the Working Holiday Scheme caps for those countries that have limits.

Looking to retain staff on a Working Holiday visa?

Those on a Working Holiday visa have limited work rights and are mostly permitted to work short-term only, which is why you need to be strategic about their employment with you when it comes to a longer term solution.

If you have any current Working Holiday staff that you are keen to keep working for your business, you need to have a plan in place and we can help. This may involve moving them to another option such as an Accredited Employer Work Visa for example.

Should you need any assistance with visas and immigration for your existing staff, or if you require help with accessing new talent, contact us.

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